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Clinician Resources
If you think or know that you are working with neurodiverse couples already, or if you want to grow your practice in this exciting new niche, I would like to support you in this much needed work.
Clinical Discussion Group for Neurodiverse Couples Therapists

If you work with neurodiverse couples or with either partner in a neurodiverse relationship, join a consultation group for ongoing support, resources, and fresh ideas for how to adjust your approach based on the neurology of your clients. Small groups of clinicians meet with me monthly. 

Clinician Consultations

Get individual consultation for the challenging issues that come when working with clients who are so neurologically different from their partner. I will help you to view the couple through a neurological lens and share ideas for what approach to take. Meetings can be scheduled as needed.

Part of Your Clinical Team

You may be working with one or both partners in a couple and progress seems to be going at a slower pace than you and they would like. Add me as part of your team, to offer your clients my adjunct service of couples coaching individually, together, or in groups, while you continue your therapy with them.


Consultation Groups for AANE-Certified Neurodiverse Couples Therapists

After you have taken the Neurology Matters in Couples Therapy, Training 101 and Certification 201, you may continue to learn more about how to work effectively with neurodiverse couples. Attend monthly or bi-monthly consultation meetings with a small group of other neurodiverse couples therapists and Grace to get your questions answered.


Clinical Staff Training

Like most clinicians, your clinical staff is most likely already seeing neurodiverse couples but may not know it, and even if they do, they many not know how to work effectively with them. I can provide your staff with the training they need.


To learn more about working with neurodiverse couples, take a look at my PODCAST APPEARANCES & ARTICLES.
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