Welcome to my website. Let me introduce myself. I am a licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist, coach, and group leader. I specialize in working with neurodiverse couples who encounter difficult or unfulfilling relationship dynamics with their partners or spouses.


Intimate relationships can be hard, but they are especially challenging for neurodiverse couples who have very different perspectives, communication techniques, approaches, and skill sets than each other. Working with neurodiverse couples in which one partner has Asperger’s is my specialty. I understand the unique strengths and the challenges that come with these relationships.

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What Exactly is a Neurodiverse Couple and
Why Does Neurology Matter?


A couple is neurodiverse when one partner is neurotypical — processes information the way most people do — and the other partner has a different neurological process, as is the case when someone has Asperger’s. This difference between the partners can affect their relationship and that is why it is important to understand that neurology matters when working on the couple’s issues.


Neurology cannot be separated from a person-- it affects personality, strengths, talents, and challenges, as well as the way a person views the world, thinks, speaks, behaves, and feels. Life events, both happy and sad, further shape a person based on how they are processed, experienced, and remembered.


Neurology matters most in an intimate relationship, since it affects every conversation a couple has, how they raise children together, how they live together, how they achieve goals together.


Topics that neurodiverse couples often seek help with include:


  • Communication

  • Social or General Anxiety

  • Executive Function Challenges

  • Rigidity, Obsessions, or Hoarding

  • Sensory Issues

  • Lack of Emotional Reciprocity or Physical Intimacy


We cannot change our neurologies, but I can help couples to gain a better understanding of who they each are, who their partner is, and how their neurological differences affect their relationship.


Once a couple is able to accept each other’s perspectives they can use different strategies with each other, listen to each other with empathy and begin to improve their communication and connection with each other.


There are several ways you can work with me: individually, together with your partner, in a group with other neurotypical partners, in a group with other couples, or in an intensive workshop with other couples.


We can meet in person in Baltimore, by phone, or by video conferencing. For more information email or call me. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


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