Groups: In-Person or Video Conference

Groups offer the opportunity to meet with others who will understand, since they are having similar experiences and feelings. They can help you know that you are not alone. I offer a variety of groups.


Find the Group that is right for you:

Video Couples Groups
For couples, video conferencing only
In Couples Groups you will connect and interact with other neurodiverse couples with shared experiences and issues. Both partners begin to see commonalities amongst the group members which helps with understanding their partners and the unique challenges that neurodiverse couples face. Because this video group takes place from the comfort of your home, it can help alleviate social anxiety and even bring couples closer by seeing that they are not alone. Each 90 minute group is limited to 5 couples. Meetings are once or twice a month and take place by video conferencing.
For Individual Spouses/Partners 

For the neurotypical spouse/partner only, in-person and video conferencing


In Spouses/Partners Groups, you will have the chance to speak with others who have shared experiences with issues related to neurodiverse couples. Discussions are focused on coping strategies for the particular issues that arise because of the neurological differences between each of the members of the couple.


Each 90 minute group is limited to 10 spouses/partners. Monthly meetings take place or in person in the Baltimore area and by video conferencing.




For those who are co-parenting with an ex-spouse with Asperger's, in person and video conferencing


The relationship with an ex-partner does not end after a divorce when there are shared children. Difficulties often arise from different communication styles, different perspectives, and different priorities.


In Divorced/Co-Parenting Groups you will have the chance to share experiences, resources, and coping strategies with others who are going through the same challenges.


Each 90 minute group is limited to 5 participants. Monthly meetings take place in person in the Baltimore area and by video conferencing.




"It was fascinating to hear about all the different experiences with NT/AS marriages and relationships, and it seems like there is a lot of wisdom in the group."

- Video Couples member


"I definitely learned some things." - Video Couples Group member


"It if was't for Grace, I would not still be married." - Spouses/Partners and Video Couples Group member


"The suggestions from yesterday's meeting and made a very big difference for me. It helped me get reenergized and connecting with everyone was great!" - Spouses/Partners Group member


"The group met all my expectations. I look forward to meeting again. The meeting was extremely helpful." - Divorced/Co-Parenting Group member

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