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How Do I Differ from a Traditional Therapist?

My approach is to first help couples understand the importance of neurology and what it means to be a neurodiverse couple.This includes getting to know how you and your partner each think and perceive the world.


I help couples identify how the neurological similarities and differences between you and your partner affect the dynamics and interaction of your relationship. Together we can then target the problematic behaviors for skill building and problem-solving.



How Do I Work with Neurodiverse Couples?

First I establish a level of trust and comfort – emotionally, with nonjudgmental support, and physically, with a sensory friendly environment (natural lighting, limited noise, no perfume or chemical smells).


Next, I help you and your partner understand your relationship from a neurological perspective. Using an Asperger lens to make sense of the present issues as well as past hurts, anger may dissipate and compassion may grow.


Once defenses are lowered, we focus on one topic at a time, on common goals.


Together, we come up with realistic strategies to achieve these goals, taking into account what you and your partner each bring to the relationship. We can anticpate and work around potential barriers.


We may also identify ways of modifying your home environment to decrease stress for you and your partner.


For what cannot change, we can work on coping strategies and acceptance.




My Background and Experience


• Director of Couple's and Partner’s Services, Asperger / Autism Network (AANE), 2008-Present 


• Facilitator of Groups and Workshops

• Coach for neurodiverse couples, separately or together


• Presenter at workshops for spouses and professionals on the topic of Asperger’s and relationships​



MSW from Boston University School of Social Work, with certification in Group Work; a Master's of Science in Engineering Psychology from Tufts University; and a Bachelor's degree from Vassar College.


Contact me to discuss how we can best work together.


There are several ways you can work with me: individually, together with your partner, in a group with other neurotypical partners, in a group with other couples, or in an intensive workshop with other couples.


We can meet in person in Baltimore, by phone, or by video conferencing.  For more information email or call me. I look forward to speaking with you soon.​


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