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Everyday Tools for Communicating Without Words


Because simple communication can be a challenge for many neurodiverse couples, I transformed a variety of simple, everyday products into useful tools to help couples communicate without having to use words —

It's just that simple — neurodiverse couples need tools to help make commuication simpler. I developed simple products into useful tools to help neurodiverse couples:


  • communicate easier without words

  • remember to let your partner know you care

  • ease executive functions challenges

Improve couple communication

Enhance emotional connection & intimacy

Ease executive function challenges

Validate each other's point of view

Our couples skilling-building products help you and your partner tackle simple tasks and communication challenges that aren't so simple for neurodiverse couples. Use these everyday products that we have developed into useful tools as easy and accessible reminders to remember your partnership.

What do we mean by simple useful products to improve couple communication?

We have turned magnets, mugs, keychains, and other everyday products into communication tools for couples that can be easily and seamlessly be integrated into your everyday life to help enhance couple communication, especially in neurodiverse relationships. Because communicating can be difficult for neurodiverse couples, these everyday products help couples communicate without words.

Below we show some ideas of how some of our simple, useful tools can make your couple communication simpler, without using words. Find products and come up with ideas for using these products to enhance communication and connection in your unique relationship.

Show You Care Without Words

IDEA: Put this magnet in that special spot to let your spouse know that you care about them.

"When I got home from work, my husband, who doesn't tell me he loves me very often, put this thinking of me heart magnet on my desk. I knew he cared, but now he can express himself, without having to use words."   – a neurotypical spouse

Remember to ... Reminders

IDEA: The Remember to ... keychain is a constant reminder to remember to take care of the chores you promised to do.

"Since using this keychain, I always remember to bring home the milk . All I needed was a little reminder!"  

– a spouse with an Asperger profile

Team Us Collection

IDEA: When you nest these two mugs together, you are expressing to each other that your relationship is a TEAM! The other side says US.

Linked Together Always

IDEA: With this reminder on your keychain, you'll never forget to think about your partner at various times during the day. Maybe it'll even alert you to reach out to your partner and let them know you care.

Yes, No, or Maybe Arrow

IDEA: Display this magnet with the arrow pointing up when you are in a good mood, or ready to discuss, or are ok with a plan. Turn the arrow down when you want to express that it's not a good time.

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Like any couple, neurodiverse couples want a connecting relationship, but wiring differences can make communicating challenging. 


Because of their neurological differences, the way they think, communicate, and see the world can be a barrier to emotional intimacy. Simple connection can be difficult, confusing, and often extremely challenging. Neurodiverse couples just want to be able to talk to each other, to have emotional connection, but initiating conversation or intimacy can be difficult. 

I designed these skill-building products in areas that are most challenging: communication, intimacy and emotional connection, executive function, and perspective-taking.  

Simple items — like mugs, key chains, pillow cases, even socks — become simple tools to help neurodiverse couples communicate more easily, as reminders to remember, not just the eggs, but to remember about each other.

Improve Couple Communication

Tools to help you and your partner communicate with your partner without having to use words

Enhance Emotional Connection

Tools to help couples share feelings without having to use words


Ease Executive Function Challenges

Simple reminder tools to help remember simple reminders... whatever...


Strengthen Perspective-taking Skills

Reminder tools to help couples remember that both partners have a valid point of view

Strong communication makes a strong team, and a strong team makes for a more connected and intimate relationship. Discover how our useful tools for couples can help enhance your couple communication without using words.


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