Coaching for Individuals or Couples, Separately or Together




What is Couples Coaching?

Neurodiverse Couples Coaching is designed to provide adults with Asperger Syndrome and related Autism Spectrum profiles and their spouses/partners time-limited individualized sessions.


Coaching will focus on problem solving in the relationship, coping strategies for one or both members of the couple, and relational/communication skill building, as well as offering resources and support.


Successful coaching requires a collaborative approach between us: I can facilitates, guide and support skill development and planning; you and/or your partner are responsible for implementing the plan.


What Happens in Couples Coaching Sessions?

In our coaching sessions, we will focus on relationship and communication strategies specific for neurodiverse couples.


Through a neurological understanding of the barriers in your relationship, I can help you learn to reduce the defensiveness in your relationship and instead problem solve and work towards the common goals you and your partner share.


We can target areas for coping strategies and skill-building, so you and your partner learn to break old ineffective patterns of communication and start to relate to each other in a more productive and caring way.


You and/or your partner can have coaching sessions with me separately or together, or some combination, whichever you feel best fits your specific situation. 


Sessions take place in person in the Baltimore area or by phone or video conferencing.



When Should I Consider Couples Coaching?

  • Asperger's (or a related profile/diagnosis) is new to you and you don't know where to begin.

  • Traditional couples counseling has not been helpful.

  • You need help problem solving as a couple.

  • You would like to build relationship and communication skills.

  • You feel frustrated in your relationship and unsure what can change.

  • You need practical strategies to help lessen stress at home.





"Grace's calm demeanor put us both at ease."


"She seems to speak both of our languages."


"My husband has been trying hard not to be so negative and has “caught himself in the act” several times and corrected himself. Our session helped him realize how negative he can be."







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