Assessing and Diagnosing for

Asperger's / Autism Spectrum Disorder

Why is an Asperger's Assessment and Diagnosis Important?

An official diagnosis can be validating for each member of a neurodiverse couple. For the partner with Asperger's who may have felt like they never fit in, it can bring a sense of relief to understand that the differences are neurologically based. 


We can then address challenges such as --making friends, having difficulty with eye contact or reading a person's facial expression, executive functioning or anxiety issues -- with coaching specifically designed to benefit neurodiverse couples.


For the neurotypical partner, a diagnosis of Asperger's can explain why they feel so alone, why they have difficulty communicating, why they do not feel an intimate connection with their partner. We can then validate their experiences and help with coping strategies focused specifically for neurodiverse couples.


Getting an Asperger's Assessment and Diagnosis 

Asperger's assessment and diagnosis involves a series of questions and discussion with both partners of a neurodiverse couple. The participation of the spouse/partner is an integral part of the assessment as their intimate knowledge and experiences of their partner can provide another perspective.


The assessment includes area such as childhood, employment, family, education, and relationship history and experiences.


The assessment includes a final evaulation and report, summarizing our discussions, and reviewing the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for an Autism Spectrum Disorder. It includes Asperger traits that the couple identifies during the assessment process and a list of resources for neurodiverse couples.


Sessions are 5 hours long, including a lunch break.



"I want to tell you how much I appreciate how you conducted the testing; I think it was a very productive day!"


"Thank you for such a thorough and comprehensive session. Both of us left thinking we might be able to make it."


"My husband said you certainly were good and brought forth info no one has been able to help us with in 4 years."


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